Welcome to Split The Tee

Ting-Li Lin/ May 4, 2017/ Announcement/ 0 comments

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Welcome to Split The Tee.


My name is . I play the Lead with Team Chinese Taipei. The purpose of this website is to promote the sport of curling as well as to share my point of view as a front end player. The name of the website “Split The Tee” comes from the situation where the Skip has to draw to the button to score, either to tie the game or to win the game, or sometimes to avoid a massive steal. Of course most of the pressure is on the Skip in this kind of situation, but the pressure is also on the sweepers. It’s a team work, and everything needs to go right to make it happen. In addition to curling games, therefore, I want to use this phrase to reflect the spirit of true team works.

Split The Tee

Here are a few examples. The first one is Kevin Martin in the 2013 Brier.

The second example is Pat Simmons in the 2015 Brier.

And the last example, not quite splitting the tee (literally) but fun to watch, is Mike McEwen in the 2015 Continental Cup of Curling.

Hope you enjoy the videos. If you have any question about curling or any feedback about this website, please leave your comment below. Thank you for your visit. Good Curling!

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